Falling in Love with Fall

By Megan Reilly

October 28, 2014

The warmth of spring and summer always make me forget why I say that fall is my favorite season. Then I see the leaves on my favorite tree in front of our house start to change colors and smell the kitchen in the middle of baking a batch of pumpkin fudge... and then I remember. Fall is clearly the best season. 

Fall always represented all my favorite things about school and now represents all the things I love about my job. 

That exciting back to school feeling can't be replaced with anything else. Students have been gone all summer and now they’re back. Students that graduated last spring might already be back to visit. And there are tons of new faces to learn and get to know.

Fall recruitment! I'm a Greek woman, so for me, mid-fall means matching clothes, pearls and serenading other women. Some of my best college memories are from my sorority, so when I see those giant wooden Greek letters around campus or see a girl wearing a shirt I swear I've seen on five other girls already today, a little of their excitement rubs off and a little nostalgia sets in. 

Halloween. Obviously a not-so-happily-anticipated holiday for those in residence life and similar positions. But with campuses creating stellar alternative programming and hosting events dedicated solely to pumpkins - can anyone truly hate Halloween? 

Those first few days of pulling out the warm clothes. You know you're going to be crazy sick of scarves, boots and gloves by February, but in sweet chilly October, they are just so exciting. I lived in California most of my life and friends from the mid-west or east coast would always tell me that it wasn't really cold so I had no right to bundle up in the winter. I disagree completely. Cold is a relative term and if you want to wear a scarf, don't let anyone stop you. 

But more than anything -- fall means that everything is new and exciting again! Freshmen have never heard of what your office or department offers and continuing students who want to seem in-the-know are talking about how great your events were last year. Once midterms hit and the weather gets cold, you start to lose a little of the shiny goodness of the start of school. So enjoy it while you can. 

And seriously, I don't care if it's 65 degrees and sunny, wear a scarf if you want to!

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