by Olivia Barker

Do we know when we are making ourselves better? Do we recognize exactly which decisions are the game changers? Do we realize when we are becoming butterflies?

There I was just enjoying my second and a half glass of wine and reading buzzfeed when I ran across "35 Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Reevaluate Your Entire Existence"...the author said they needed a drink, so I took another sip and kept reading. Each post got me thinking, one post after another and my brain was spinning (not the wine I swear). It is amazing how some people can make the simplest thing complex. When I read the post questioning whether caterpillars knew when they built their cacoons that they would emerge as butterflies, my mind was blown. Does a caterpillar know that when they wrapped themselves up for two plus weeks they will become a beautiful, unique and winged creature that mistifyes puppies, people and all the little boy caterpillars all over the world?

While our "transformation" time takes a little longer than two weeks (seriously you should have seen me in 8th grade, things didn't start getting good until mayyyybe sophomore year of college), do we even recognize the steps we are taking that make us better? Unlike our caterpillar friends, we don't get to hide away in a cacoon while we transform. Our changes are happening on the big screen right in front of our supervisors, our peers, our students, our family, our friends and even the people we don't really like. Everyone gets to see you change, for the good and for the bad. Knowing that...doesn't it make you think a little more about the changes you are making and the decisions that impact those changes?! I'm not saying be calculated in every move you make because one of the most beautiful things in life is just living, but make decisions that make you better, transform to become the best person you can be. Just like a butterfly, make changes that make the world more beautiful (I mean this in a philosophical, deep thinking way...not literally).

Everyone is watching you transform, you might as well make it worth their while!

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