Assessing Yourself

By Megan Reilly

It's self-evaluation time at GW, and I'm sure around or approaching that time at schools across the country. 

It's also the first week that really feels like fall around here. I'm noticing the colors changing, a chill in the air, more scarves and boots appearing (although I'm not sure they are totally warranted quite yet), and a soft crunching of leaves whenever you walk on the sidewalks. 

Both of these new "seasons" have me thinking about how quickly and suddenly change can occur and how rarely we have control of things that change. But as a second year graduate student and new professional, I actually currently have quite a bit of control over where my career goes from this point. In that vein, I've been asking myself several questions lately and I thought I'd share to help others do a little self-reflection with me.

What am I getting out of my current role? 

What unique experiences do I have access to that I should take advantage of while I'm in school?

Am I happy with the trajectory of my career thus far, and if that isn't a resounding yes, what can I do to improve that feeling? 

What relationships are most valuable to me and what types of individuals (or specific people) do I still need to work on developing a connection with? 

Where do I see myself  in five years and what can I do now that will get me closer to that goal? In ten years? In the long-run of my career?

Am I fulfilled in my personal life? 

Am I sacrificing things that I shouldn't or don't want to be sacrificing? 

Am I respecting my work/life balance?

As a coworker, do my expectations respect others' work/life balance? 

What do I want to accomplish in the next year? In the next semester? In the next month?

Hopefully one of these will spark a little thought and discussion this week! 

Follow me on Twitter at @MReilly90 and feel free to share your own questions that I may have left out! 

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