All about that work, bout that work, life balance…

By Susan Mathieson

As a graduate student, my supervisor would actually force me to take time off because I spent too much time in our office (Thank you, Jess). Now that I am in my first year as a full time professional, I found that I often struggle to find that line of work/life balance and there isn’t anyone to tell me to go home. I constantly find myself wanting to be the one who does it all and I take on as much as I possibly can. This is something that I didn’t even realize I did until a friend of mine coerced me into focusing on life over work. 

After a week and a half of programming that ran until 11:00pm and supervising an alternative break trip, a friend invited me to join him for a Tuesday evening adventure. Now mind you – I just finished an incredibly draining week and the day prior I kicked off UAH Homecoming week, so my first reaction was no, absolutely not. Tuesday is not the kind of day I typically trek the two hours to Nashville to attend a hockey game. But, against my initial reaction, I agreed to go and it ended up being exactly what I needed! 

While yes, I stayed up later than necessary and woke up prior to getting my much needed 8 hours of beauty sleep, it was rejuvenating. And it was probably the first time in weeks that I didn’t check my email after 5:00pm. We got VIP treatment, got to tour the arena and watch the end of the game as close to the ice as possible. I even got to spend some time as a tourist and sight see around Music City!

On the way home I was so exhausted I didn’t speak much, but it allowed time for some self-reflection. Why don’t I have evenings like this more often? Why am I consistently choosing work over personal endeavors? This is something I need to focus more on, because I too am important! Tomorrow, the emails will still be there, and the phone calls will still be flowing in. I need to make sure that I take evenings and weekends to relax!

So cheers to work, life and fun! I know I will be doing my best to have a healthy balance of all three!

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