You Win Some and You Lose Some

by Olivia Barker

The past two weeks have been such a whirlwind! School started this week and I survived my first few events at Rice. My week was filled with long days, late night meetings and lots of students! I volunteered for Outreach Day and Welcome Back Day, prepared for the even busier next few weeks and hosted two different activities fairs, one of which got rained on, was not as well attended as I hoped and had a handful of other troubles throughout the event, so you can imagine how ready I was for the weekend! Not only was I ready to catch my breath, but my cousins were coming into town.

I didn't grow up around the Italian side of my family. They lived in Wisconsin and we were in Tennessee so we spent very little time together when we were young, but we are making up for lost time now. I spent a few days with my family in Wisconsin last month and was so glad to have my cousins in Houston this weekend! You know the saying "we just picked up where we left off"...well we just picked up! Markie and I stayed up until 5am talking about our family and our lives and when we met up with Mike, it was like we all had spent every single summer, holiday and vacation together. There is something so amazing about the bond of a family!

We spent all day together catching up and hanging out before we went to the Wisconsin and LSU game where we were surrounded by over 71,000 people and a bunch of trash talking LSU fans (okay okay...I did my fair share of trash talking too)! We had incredible seats right above Wisconsin's tunnel and it was so fun having the lead nearly the whole game. Even though we lost, it was one of the most fun and exciting experiences of my life and I was so thankful to have shared that with my family

One of my events didn't go totally as planned, the Badgers lost, my house looks like a tornado came through it and I feel like I need to sleep for days, but this past week was a total win!

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