There Are No Quick Fixes

by Olivia Barker

After such an amazing last weekend, I had quite the opposite weekend. I have a long history of ear problems and I got seriously sick this week. I finally went to the doctor on Thursday and I was feeling awful that I just asked the doctor "is there some kind of shot you can give me so I can just feel better" and while I did get a very painful steroid shot, I was reminded that there are no quick fixes.

For life to maintain balance and wellness, you have to take care of the things around you. Plants, animals, relationships, yourself...they all need to be cared for and continually nurtured. I killed a cactus in 2012 and haven't has a plant since, but I have kept my pup Macon alive for 7+ years (I do credit him for reminding me to feed him and give him water). I've learned that relationships take a special amount of care and effort no matter if they are friendships, love interests or work relationships. You have to invest in the other person to gain their affection, trust and interest in continued growth and that is hard especially at work when that may not be someone you would generally want to have a relationship with. But the hardest thing to take care of is ourselves. It's so easy to put our own needs aside and to let stress get to us. I never miss work, I never take mental health days and I never go to the doctor until I'm already sick, but I have to start taking better care of me. 

Between students being back, late nights, not working out, weather changes and not sleeping, I got sick. I missed two days of work and spent over $100 on a doctors visit and medicines, but if I would have made myself more of a priority I maybe would not have gone down so hard. We have to make ourselves a priority. This field takes every ounce of energy from us and we have to figure out how to recharge so we are the best versions of yourself. For me, I have to really get back into my routine of consistently working out, sleeping and taking time to be with my family and friends.

After sleeping literally all night and day for the past 4 days, a round of antibiotics and my "not-so-quick fix" shot, I am finally feeling a little better, but it's going to take a few more 
days of taking extra care of myself before I am one hundred percent. I've got a weekend getaway planned to see my best friend (my sis) and Garth Brooks this weekend, so this week I plan to sleep and eat well and workout so I can have a great weekend recharging in Chicago!

Be well and don't end up like me. Take care of yourself, you're worth it!

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