Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

by Eric Mason

In his now-famous 2005 commencement address to Stanford University, Steve Jobs left the graduates with the phrase, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Learning is a lifelong passion and pursuit. Growing up, college was seen as the norm in my family. The myriad of nontraditional students at Nevada-Las Vegas contextualizes my circumstances and inspires me professionally. The transition from frustration to joy in a student, as they understand a calculus problem after laboring for hours drives my department to ensure student requirements are met. Learning support requires a level of selflessness and humility. Mistakes or criticism must be taken for the betterment of services, not as a personal attack. We respond organizationally and personally to our student needs.

The student staff in my department is one of the most dedicated groups I have ever worked alongside. Our staff boasts a 100% acceptance rate over the last 4 years of acceptance to professional schools. While I may not understand the functions of a derivative or every phases of mitosis, I understand professionalism, leadership development, and campus cultures. It becomes my job to support my staff in any way possible through training, policy updates, and advice in general. Lucky for me, tutors are always open to feedback.

Despite the heat, I am very happy to back in Las Vegas after a month in Illinois. Classes started this week, and my schedule could not be better. My weekend will be filled with starting a few papers (one on Woodrow Wilson’s impact on higher education and another on the community building aspects of Division III Athletics), a cookout with my neighbors, and a Britney Spears concert for a friend’s birthday (not my top choice, but I’m excited nonetheless). This city never ceases to surprise me. While my time here is roughly halfway over, I fully intend to make this second half more exciting than the first.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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