Here and Now

by Eric Mason

Well, this semester has certainly come quicker than I anticipated. After turning in three papers and a presentation this week, I did not realize that it was already almost halfway through September. I've been so busy planning upcoming events that life just got away from me. The four classes I'm taking this semester are are overwhelming as I assumed they would be, but they are certainly keeping me busy. 

I am the king of to-do lists. While these can keep me on track of a few work projects, papers, and life in general, they can be overwhelming. Breaking a large to-do list into smaller section keeps me sane. My goal each day is or two items on it. Slow and steady wins the race. With so much due in the next few weeks, not to mention my parents coming to visit in a month and starting the job search in a few weeks, I must take each day separately. The drop-in tutoring lab I oversee is constantly at capacity. I am very thankfully that the student staff takes it in stride, knowing that their jobs are making education easier for others. 

Grad school has certainly been a unique time in my life so far. I still feel odd driving to work and seeing mountains, despite being in Nevada for over 9 months. My next step is beyond me at the moment, but it will be resolved soon enough (these next six months may kill me with stress). For now, every paper, every project, every meeting builds more experience that I love. The often 12 plus hour days are beyond worth it. I love talking to and learning from students, coworkers, and professors. Graduation is far away (8 months,  6 days, but who's counting), I am learning to focus on the here and now. 

Tomorrow's goal: literature review for a work project, outline a case study for my athletic adminstration class, meetings with my boss and advisor, and finally class. 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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