Transitioning into a New Graduate Assistantship

by Hollie Daniels

The past week and a half has consisted of me participating in our division-wide training for all Graduate Assistants in the Division of Student Affairs – boy are there a lot of us! But that just makes me even more excited to work at such a great institution.

Our training consisted of a variety of topics including StrengthsQuest, Relationships and Ethics, Assessment, and Diversity. We also took a fun field trip to our very own Lake Wauburg and took on the Outdoor Team Challenge Courses, which was definitely hot, but fun!

I’ve also been learning about my responsibilities in my new Graduate Assistantship which is in our Office of Off Campus Life. I’ll be working a lot with social media, programming, and meeting with students who need help finding housing off campus.

My classes are also beginning this week; I’ll be taking Law of Higher Education, Counseling Skills, and Educational Outcomes/Assessment! I’m also serving as the Director of Professional Development in our Student Personnel Association (SPA) and our first General Assembly Meeting is this week. The Executive Board for SPA recently voted to open up membership to undergraduate students that are interested in pursuing Student Affairs, so we’re really excited for them to participate!

It’s going to be a crazy semester, but I couldn’t be more excited to dive in! Bring on the planner, post it notes, and highlighters!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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