By Eric Ruelle
Hi – my name is Eric Ruelle, I'll be entering my first year of grad school in a few weeks at Loyola University Chicago for my M.Ed in Higher Education. I'm very excited, but I need YOUR help!

While I spent all four years of undergrad learning and occupying Residence Life roles, I have absolutely NO idea of what to expect about the journey I am soon starting on. There's so much to learn! Where do I start? Who should I befriend on #sachat? What research had an impact on you in grad school? When will MY reflection show who I am inside? Should I join NASPA or ACPA? What does ACUHO have to do with anything? Why are there so many acronyms?!

I know, I know. I may be a little overzealous at this point. My assistantship doesn't start until the 20th, and classes not until the 25th; however,...YOU know something I don't. YOU may, or may not, have at least one year of grad school/professional experience to offer me a thought, an idea, ANYTHING AT ALL that you think will help me navigate this new system that is about to become my career – a potential life's worth of work.

Undoubtedly, I would have gone the Craigslist route, but I figured that this would be better marketed. I can be reached at my Twitter handle (@eric_ruelle). Any and all considerations are appreciated.

Thank YOU for helping a newcomer to the field! #sahelp #readytostart #mulanreferencesaredope



Student Affairs - the First Years

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