Easier the Second Time Around

By Luis H. Garay

About an hour ago from the time I am writing this blog post (Sunday afternoon), I will have said goodbye to my family who came down to St. Louis to help me move. It was a busy time and dog-tired may not even begin to cover it. Also, as I am writing this post, I am in a local coffee shop in St. Louis! So…I have officially moved to St. Louis, Missouri!

During the move my mother made a comment about how moving away this time from home (the first time for graduate school, the second time this current move) was easier. I could not agree more. When I arrived a day prior to my folks I tried to locate what I call the essentials for a new person in a new city or town: store, grocery, banking, food, and gas station. This way, I’d spend less time navigating and more time moving and visiting necessary stores.

This being my second move (and really my fourth time living away from home) I am use to being in a new environment. I frequently joke with a graduate school friend that someone could say, “Hey, you are moving tomorrow and you can only take two suitcases with you” and my response would be, “Okay! Do I at least have a roof over my head?” Newness is familiar to me: using GPS to locate stores, missing highway exits and having to backtrack, staring at all the new structures like a kid in a candy store, giving myself time to learn, and slowly building the map of the area you live in within your mind then  slowly connecting streets.

I would agree with my mother. It is easy the second time around to move to a new city or town. Now the city of St. Louis is open for me to explore. I am open to what this city has to offer me. Here are to new adventures, new people to meet, new food to try, and new experiences to lives. Here is to never forgetting my roots, family, and friends and never losing sight of what motivates me, gives me hope, and helps me grow.

The first day of work is tomorrow (Monday) at Saint Louis University (SLU) and I am taking the rest of the day to relax following this whirlwind of a weekend and week. Crazy to think one week ago I was looking at apartments in St. Louis and 4 weeks ago I was prepping for my on-campus interview here at SLU.

Time flies.

As always, thanks for reading! Feel free to comment below or tweet me your thoughts at @LuisHGaray.

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