Here We Go

by Olivia Barker

Just a two short weeks until school is back in session. One of the benefits of starting a new job in the summer is that you get to learn under a little less pressure, but now it's go time and honestly, I'm ready for the students to get here. During the summers at Rice, the campus is literally a ghost town. Some of my students were in Houston, but a majority of them were in different cities, states and countries doing internships and research and stuff that went right above my head because I spent my summers by the pool and taking summer courses so I could graduate on time (and it still took me 4.5 years).

The students I have met so far have been amazing. Not only are they brilliant, but they are some of the most mature young adults I have ever met. My supervisor said in her experiences a successful working relationship with our students comes from treating them more as colleagues than students and so far this is true. I have always adapted my leadership style to the student I'm working with, but working with these students has literally been like working with my old pals at Georgia Southern. They know what they are doing, they understand why they are doing it and every so often they ask for suggestions or if I have an idea or experience to share, but really they are doing all of the work. This is truly an environment of student self governance and it's exciting to be in a position to watch them succeed!

I still have a lot to learn and much to do before school starts, but ready or not, it's coming. I have my first two programs in my new position this month, I'll meet most of my students for the first time and I start my first semester at Rice...wish me luck! And to all my friends whose semester is already underway, YOU CAN DO IT!

New students, we are ready for you!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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