Work Assessments, Road Trips, and Future Possibilities

By Eric Mason

Work never sleeps, even when you’re driving across the country. As I type this, I am currently a third of the way from Nevada to Illinois for a few weeks. Even after driving all day today, I had work to complete for both my GA position and a class. Twelve hours driving through the Rockies tomorrow should give me ample time to finish my readings for the next week and start a few work assignments.

​When I took my GA position, I had no prior experience in learning support. I knew Greek Life, campus recreation, and res life programming.My future career possibilities and living locations could be anywhere, and I am beyond excited to start my professional career. Driving across the country back to the town I called home until just a few years ago really causes me to contextualize my future. Moving to Las Vegas was to create a blank slate, a new start. I consider it “home” more than Latham, IL (I’ll be amazed if you’ve heard of it).

​I question every day what I want in the future. As much as I love Las Vegas, I am already yearning for the next step. Wherever my next step may be, I take pride in both my small town roots and the culture shock that is living in America’s Playground. For anyone reading this about to begin a transition: never turn down an opportunity. We learn best when put in uncomfortable situations. My next few weeks in my hometown will bring several, yet they will be welcomed. I love my hometown more than anything. Even when I leave, nothing really changes.

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