Summer: Catch Up Time

By Eric Mason

While UNLV still offers tutoring during the summers, less students come into our centers. The last few weeks have been utilized to catch up on work projects, reformatting employee manuals, creating training sessions for the fall, and reorganizing spaces at work. The tasks are not always the most ideal, but it gives me a chance to prep for next semester while still feeling productive. Nothing is quite as satisfying as knocking off a huge to-do list earlier than expected.

Student affairs work is not the most glamorous at times. I may be getting a Master’s degree, but I find myself carting computers around campus or slugging over data collection. After seeing the UNLV tutoring services break yet another record for student usage and GPA increases, menial tasks become worth it. My boss once explained our department as an inverted pyramid: the person highest on the organizational chart responds to the level below them (Ex: students, tutors, GA’s, coordinators, associate director). Those entering student affairs are internally motivated and take pride in the bigger picture. We realize that we are but one of many cogs in the intricate system of higher education operations.

With July beginning, I’m starting the home stretch towards time away from Las Vegas. I’m heading back to central Illinois in a couple weeks to spend time with family and friends. Having not been there since mid-March, it will be a welcomed break. Vegas is home now, but I miss the cornfields I called home until six months ago.  A few weeks with family and old friends will be very valued before classes start back in August.

Until next week,


Student Affairs - the First Years

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