Half And Half

By Christine Pitts

I am entering week four of the five-week program for my internship. For students this means classes are in full swing and they are not slowing down. Then, they also have activities scheduled outside the classroom with workshops and residence hall educational programs. It is so important to stay mindful that six weeks ago these students where high school students. They were not, by any means, use to working at a college level.  Life is getting pretty hard from them right now, and some of them may be questioning their abilities.

In the past week I have seen students really begin to doubt themselves The great thing about being an intern is that while I am half professional I am also half student. I remember what it feels like to question my intelligence, because as a graduate student I still question my intelligence during tough times. I know what it feels like to ask myself “can I really do this”, because my first year of graduate school that is all I asked myself. Being half and half really has its perks when working with students in terms of relating to them on almost every level.

So, when I sit down to speak with students this summer I can say with confidence, “I know how you feel right now, but you are smart, you can do this and you will succeed.” – because I do empathize with them. I really do believe that they are smart and they will succeed. Just like I wouldn’t have been accepted into my masters program if my university didn’t believe I was smart enough, these students wouldn’t have been accepted into this program if this university didn’t believe they were smart enough. This program provides students with the tools, resources, and exceptional guidance to succeed. The next step is up to the student.

Being the intern I have the opportunity to really be there for my students on an academic, as well as emotional level.  I am reminded of why it is important to take internships as serious learning tools. Being half and half is the prime time to learn, grow, and mold myself into the professional you want to be. 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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