Finding Positive Amongst the Negative

By Eric Mason

Between an every growing to-do list for work and myself and a final paper due in a little over 24 hours, stress is the theme of my life at the moment. I am a person who thrives in chaos. I love battling deadlines and balancing work, class, and a life outside of it all. Stress can be a powerful motivator. Subduing bouts of anxiety keep me sane, as crazy as it sounds.

I was once told “life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.” Since moving to Nevada, my comfort zone has been stretched. Amongst the ordeal of dealing with finding a good mechanic, mastering an erratic commute, and keeping in touch with friends from home and undergrad, I am constantly rediscovering myself. Stress does well to keep us on our toes, an essential instrument during grad school. I know I am not planning on staying in Las Vegas after next May. A turn of the tassel will bring a turn of surroundings.

Las Vegas is a fickle city. People are friendly, but may not stick around for more than a few years. I am one of them, yet I am taking the time now to make this city my own. I have my local coffee shops, stores, and running routes. The chance to rediscover that in a new city (hopefully out West) drives me.

Until then, I will enjoy my time in America’s Playground. Several friends coming to visit this weekend and my parents coming next remind me of why I love moving away: I can balance the best of my old life with the excitement of new. I have a paper on rural community college students to finish up by tomorrow (10 pages isn’t that many, is it?) and more errands to run tonight (they never end), but it connects me to Las Vegas even more. I would not trade it for anything.

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