Energy, Action, Purpose

by Olivia Barker

know I have painted a pretty picture for you all for the past few weeks, but this week has been harder than the last few. I really think I’ve been in shock for the past two weeks and it’s finally starting to hit me. I want to be honest with you, starting a new position in a new city is hard. My job is great, but it’s different. My apartment is cute, but it’s different. The city is amazing, but it’s different. I am different, my life is different and my future will be different.

Please know I am proud of my decision to move and I know it’s the right choice, but there is always a period of adjustment. I have been letting a lot of negative energy in and I’ve been feeling a little low. I talked to my sister on the phone for over 3 hours this weekend, which isn’t out of the norm for us, but the conversation was different. We were talking about finding your purpose and taking action. My sister is one of the most creative, funny and beautiful women I know and she has been struggling with “her purpose” for the last year. She is considering going back to school to pursue a masters degree in psychology and I love to know that she is finally considering doing something for herself. Without her even knowing it, she reminded me that I am so blessed to be doing work that I love. I found my purpose at a young age and I am taking huge risks to pursue my dreams. I don’t ever want to do something just to do it. Sometimes we let finances, friends, families and other things stop us from pursuing our purpose, but money struggles will never stop and the people who truly love you want to see you be successful, so stop using them as an excuse! We have to become who we are meant to be..that is what living is about.

I missed a friends bachelorette party because of my move and I haven’t been home since Christmas, so I have been feeling a little sad. A friend of mine said “if anyone can conquer’s Olivia Ann Barker” and her words reminded me that others believe in me and support me. I need to stop letting the negative energy in and I have to keep working hard! If you are feeling low because of your job, your family, your finances or your future...take action to make positive changes to find and pursue your purpose. Stay strong friends!

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