That Summer Grad Life

by Eric Mason

Well, summer break was fun while it lasted, all three weeks I had off. Summer classes and my graduate assistantship begin again tomorrow morning. The only thing in my way is a flight delayed three hours late, and only a few hours of sleep. The last few days I have spent seeing a cousin in Denver. I was snowboarding not 24 hours ago, and now I sit at a desk in 95-degree heat. While the cooler temperatures and few planned events were enjoyable, work and classes will be very welcomed. I feel most proactive when I am learning, be it a journal reading, the news, class, or a conversation with a friend.

My work in UNLV’s tutoring program began about seven hours after my flight landed, and my overflowing inbox and students full of questions truly made me realize why I love my program and work. Day-to-day oversight of a tutoring center is not always the most glamorous job, but the reactions from students make the job work it. It has been slow today, since summer classes just started.

My own class, one of two I am taking this summer, starts today. It focuses on the community college organization and purpose. My time at UNLV, a very non-traditional school in a very unique city has piqued my interested in learning and education across various demographics. I am sure it will come up in a future post.

I’ll keep this post short. It’s time to put on my IT hat and clean and debug laptops.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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