Summer Time and Livin’Ain’t Easy

By Christine Pitts

As a graduate student in student affairs you may be presented with the opportunity to do a summer internship. Summer internships are a lot of work, but they are an awesome experience that you won’t ever have the opportunity to do again. While most higher education departments slow down in the summer they are some, orientation and summer bridge programs to name a couple, that actually speed up. This summer I am doing my internship with a summer bridge program for first generation and low socioeconomic students.

I am really excited to embark on this experience for many reasons. My experience is taking place at my alma mater. This is really cool, because I have so much love, pride and dedication for the school that started my career dreams. Another reason I am excited is because my heart lies with helping out this demographic of students. Summer bridge programs are immensely beneficial for first-generation and low-SES students. To be voice and play a role in helping these amazing students succeed gives me warm fuzzes.

It is so important that you are excited about your internship. Your attitudes and outlook will play a huge role in what you learn during your experience. To have a positive outlook on your summer experience I think it’s important to be mindful that this summer will not be easy for you. While your friends may be off to the beach or the pool, you might be in a residence hall, an office, or someplace on campus. It is summer time and living as a graduate student in student affairs is not going to be easy, but your experiences will pay off!

I am looking forward to sharing my summer experiences with you all. In addition, I would love to hear about your summer experiences. Feel free to connect with me on twitter: @cpitts_

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