Settling Into My Summer Internship

by Russell Cornelius

Wow! I can’t believe it’s been two weeks since I have been able to write a post. My internship at the Gender and LGBTQIA Center (GLC) at Elon University has been a wonderful experience thus far, albeit off to a rocky start. I have been working on some very unique projects that I would have otherwise not had the opportunity to work on at UCM. The first of which is designing an entirely new Ally training curriculum. Elon currently has and utilizes a general anti-bias training program, but is lacking an LGBTQIA specific program.

Another project is developing an annual report for the Center that summarizes all the events, programs, speaking engagements, and all other GLC activities for the previous academic year. While this has been a little difficult to compile the necessary information as someone who wasn’t at Elon last year a very good friend told me that this is a great experience and potentially something I will have to do when I start a full time job after graduating. Lastly, I have been charged with designing a logo for the GLC. I am both excited and nervous about this as I am not the best graphic designer, but I welcome the challenge and know I will grow from this experience.

Enough about work though, as I am in a totally new part of the country I have been able to do some exploring. Two weekends ago I met my fellow cohort member and good friend Erica in Washington DC for the day and drove up to Philadelphia where she is interning at the University of the Sciences. This was my first time in Philly and Erica was a wonderful tour guide! We got to see where Ben Franklin’s house and office was located as well as see the Liberty Bell, watch some Army Bands play for the Flag Day festivities, and cross the Ben Franklin Bridge over the Delaware River into New Jersey and see the beautiful Philadelphia skyline. 

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