Post Grad Life: Check-In #1

By Luis H. Garay

It has been a little over 3 weeks since graduating from my master’s program. Since then, I have moved back to Chicago and am blessed that I am able to move back in with my parents. I have been able to catch-up with various high school and college friends, viewed a couple of movies (Yes: new X-Men movie; save your money: “Blended”),read a healthy amount of personal and professional writings, and continue to fall back into the “home life” (picking up my sister from school on the weekdays and spending time with family on weekends). The job search continues and is in full swing. Fingers are crossed and hopes are high.

It’s been interesting falling back into the home life. Where in graduate school I was used to living on my own, now I am sharing a living space with 11 others (if we are including a puppy and several parakeets). It is definitely an energy-filled space, especially when all of us are here.

Also, in seeing some family members in these 3 weeks, I realize how much time has really passed. It’s been years since I’ve seen some family members and that’s when I realized how much time I have actually spent away from my hometown. Though I’ve been home for breaks and holidays while in college and graduate school, those times have always been brief—a few to several weeks at most. Six years in higher education (and one bachelor’s degree and one master’s degree  later) has surely shifted my focus.

This time has been wonderful to think and really understand my graduate school experience and even my undergraduate experience, then tie in being Latino and first-generation, and there are many ideas for future blog posts. This time is great for an introspective person like me. Look out for these posts, telling my story and time in higher education.

Check-time: how are my fellow #sagrads now in the #postgradlife doing? Tweet me your thoughts or comment below. Thanks for reading! 

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