If I Could Get A Second Bachelor’s

By Luis H. Garay

If you would have asked me about six years ago (let’s say the start of my first-year at university) if I would consider myself a life-long learner, I would have responded with a triumphant, “Heck no!”. You see, I thought of these special kind of learningindividuals as those who continue school for ten years and did copious amount of research. Effectively, I thought my “learning” would conclude at the end of my college years.

I was wrong.
And I am glad for that.

am a life-long learner…I just needed some time to define it for me. I see it as an identity. An identity which I have had to think about. What does a life-long learning Luis look like? How does this impact their experience? How have previous experiences shaped this identity as they understand it?

This past Sunday I could not fall asleep. As hard as I tried my mind was racing. I think it was part introspection, part one large Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee (more likely, the iced coffee). As I was lying awake, trying to shut off my mind, I had a thought, “I don’t know squat about diversity, feminism, gender studies, and sexuality studies!” Things everyone thinks about midnight on a Sunday, obviously.

During my time in graduate school I developed an interest in diversity affairs and diversity work. Prior to graduate school, words and ideas like patriarchy, oppression, institutionalized racism, settler colonialism, privilege (in all its forms), and a slew of others meant nothing to me. Because of my interest in diversity affairs (and which has also transpired into my job search), there is so much I feel I must know to effectively do this type of work.

In college I majored in theatre arts and minored in communications. I loved my theatre major experience. Four years of being a theatre student taught me problem-solving, adaptability, goal setting, creativity, leadership management, and collaboration. I’m indebted to the theatre program at my undergraduate institution and to the professors, classmates, and experiences. However, as I think about my current professional interests I sit back and wonder, “Should I have majored in something else? What about study of women and gender?”

They say hindsight is 20/20. Of course, it’s easy to speak about the then knowing the now.
So, what’s the solution? Well, Ginny destroyed the remaining time-turners (at least in the Ootp film)….so unless anyone has a spare and I could travel back in time….No? Darn. My solution is doing the following:

1) Read
2) Read
3) Read

Now, it’s not just reading and I’ll be an “expert”, there is so much more. For now, it’s reading articles and blogs and thinking critically about what I’m reading. Thankfully, I have friends both in student affairs and outside of it who are interested in this and they answer all my questions and converse with me on these topics. I’ve also taken to emailing those who did study this in college and see if they have any recommendationsAnd, google.Google is amazing and I’ve found accessible class syllabi, reading lists, and Goodreads lists.

I’m on my way to reading and learning. I’m looking forward to expanding my mind further, learning more, and reading more for leisure but with the purpose of learning. 

Is there a major or minor you wish you had obtained duringyour undergraduate yearsSAFirstYears reader? What would your other bachelor’s degree be in? Tweet me your responses at @LuisHGaray or comment down below. As always, thanks for reading!

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