Fifteen in Six

By Christine Pitts

There are pros and cons to taking summer courses. A couple pros may be that they lighten up your course load during the academic year, and they can be super quick (depending on the session). A con is that they are very intense and sometimes this can be overwhelming.

I am taking two summer courses this summer and one is a six-week course and the other a fourteen week. The six-week course is crazy. Take your typically fifteen-week semester and jam it into six. It is by far the crazies, most intense educational experiences you will ever get.

Currently, I am three weeks into my six-week course and this Monday I am taking my midterm. Nine chapters, three videos, theories, in class group work… all of it! By the time this post goes live my midterm will be a distant exam of the past. However, I wanted to send a reminder to myself, anyone who is taking a summer course, or anyone who may be doubting themselves to breathe.

I love positive quotes (as some of you may remember from a previous post of mine). I found this quote recently that says “I am going to succeed” and I’ve been turning to it quite often lately. It serves as a reminder that I have made it from here to there. It reminds me to have confidence in myself. I hope it does the same for you.

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