A (21 Song) Job Searching Playlist

By Luis H. Garay

My post this week is a Spotify playlist to share with graduate #sagrad colleagues who, like myself, are on the job search. Using the internet and my memory bank of music, I scoured both far and wide to build this playlist!

The job search has high and low moments and some whirlwind moments too. Hopefully this playlist captures that. There are songs about setting out on a journey, some on of doubt and confusion, other songs about recognizing your skills and awesomeness, and some reminding the listener to keep patience and faith. Sure, there are some cheesy songs but, eh, who doesn’t need a cheesy song or two in their life now and again?

I have a bigger playlist including these 21 songs on it. Whenever I work on applications, I’m listening to the playlist. It’s my motivational music. These songs pump me up, give me drive and focus, and remind me of my abilities to be successful.

[Fun fact: I ordered the songs in a way to create a story. Using dramatic structure, I created an exposition, rising action, climax, and falling action to the story. See if you can imagine the story. (Okay, theatre nerd moment over.)]

The playlist is collaborative. My hope is present and past #sasearch-ers will contribute songs.

You can find the playlist here: A #SASearch Playlist (for @SAFirstYears blog)

What is on your inspirational and motivational playlist? Which songs do you turn to for some extra energy or reassurance of your awesomeness? Add your songs on the playlist if you have Spotify. If you don’t have Spotify but would like to contribute song(s), feel free to comment below or tweet me at @LuisHGaray). As always, thanks for reading!

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