Making the Team

by Olivia Barker

This weekend, I judged cheerleader tryouts for our 4 time National Championship team. Our process is extremely competitive and includes an interview portion, fitness portion and of course a dance, chant/cheer and tumbling portion. I watched these guys and gals flipping, stretching and flying through the air and there I was judging them. Her tumbling pass was awesome, his dancing wasn't strong, she has a mental block when it comes to her tumbling, she is a great flyer...whatever way I was judging, I was a small piece in their fate as a Georgia Southern Cheerleader.

I have been working with our program long enough to tell who is a fit for our team and who isn't, but it doesn't make it any less tough knowing that these athletes have been working towards this tryout for weeks, months and even years. This is a lot like the job search. Employers interview several people in each job search and have a hand in deciding the fate for that candidate. While you may be working for this position and want it more than anything, that doesn't always mean you are the best fit. Just like with out cheerleader tryouts, there are so many elements to making the team.

I know a lot of people job searching right now, especially recent grads, and I just want to remind those folks that the right “team” will come along. When you interview, it’s not just about your past experiences or the program you are coming from,  there are so many pieces. It’s about how you will fit with the staff and students. Do you support the mission, vision and values of the office, division and institution? What unique strengths do you bring to the table? Can you be successful at this institution? Employers consider all of these elements and more before deciding if you are the right fit.

Good luck to all those searching right now! I know it can be discouraging when you do not get a position you hoped to, but when the right position comes along you will be able to say…that is my team.

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