It's Retreat Season!

By Lindsay Ritenbaugh 

This past weekend I helped facilitate my third retreat of the season for over 200 student leaders at DePaul. I'm quickly learning that May in student affairs for those of us on the quarter system requires lots of extra caffeine! While the rest of the colleges and universities are either on summer break already or celebrating graduation, we're still in programming mode until June 14.

This weekend, while exhausting, was yet another reminder of why I work at a mission driven institution. The Common Experience retreat introduced the Socially Responsible Leadership framework to the incoming student leaders. Additionally, the workshop curriculum highlighted the following building blocks for effective dialogue while helping students make connections between their personal values and those of the greater community:
  • suspending judgment
  • deeply listening 
  • reflection and inquiry 
  • suspending assumptions
I loved hearing the students engage in rich discussion about why this is so important. One of my favorite parts of the curriculum was when the associate vice presidents for student affairs shared their Pecha Kucha presentations with the students. 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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