It’s Been A While

By Luis H. Garay

Anyone who knows me well enough to have spent more thanhalf a day with me knows I always have a tune in my head and a song in my heart. For some reason, Britney Spears’ “Break TheIce” song and its lyric served as the title for the post of this week’s blog.

It’s been quite the last three weeks since my last SAFirstYearspost:
  • Attended the Missouri Statewide Collaborative DiversityConference and my last professional development and conference as a student affairs graduate student
  • Awarded the Graduate Student of the Year award by mygraduate program
  • Dined and food-adventure-ed over 5 days at 6 eateries around Kansas City with my close group of friends in my cohort. I had amazing Kansas City BBQ and it was nice to end our food journey at an amazing Vietnamese restaurantin the city (shout out to Vietnam Café).
  • Created a transition binder for the next graduate assistant in my role and transitioned out of my graduate assistant role
  • Hooded by the University of Central Missouri College Student Personnel Administration program along with my cohort and spoke at the hooding ceremony reflecting on the “it takes a village” saying and thanking those in my village
  • Graduated as a Master of Science student in College Student Personnel Administration
  • Moved back to Chicago and lots of puppy hang out time is currently happening.

What has everyone been up to? Tweet me at @LuisHGaraywould love to chat and catch up. What are some of your proudest accomplishments or achievements recently? Tweet me or comment below. As always, thanks for reading!

Student Affairs - the First Years

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