More Than Just Students

by Olivia Barker
I have some really exciting news to share, but I have to wait another week! Let’s just say the past week has been a whirlwind of decisions and emotions. I am so thankful for the work I do, the family and friends I have and the opportunities I have worked so hard to achieve.

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After I received my news, I wanted to book a photoshoot to celebrate! An incredibly talented student of mine was willing to take some photos for me this week. I had so much fun getting to have some pictures made with my favorite boy and I love seeing my students show off their talents. Part of being an educator is understanding that our students are so much more than leaders on our programming board, president’s of student orgs or graduate assistants. They are young adults who are finding themselves, exploring hobbies, making mistakes and looking for guidance. The student who did my photos is considering higher education and during our time together, we talked about different SA programs and benefits of certain schools and programs. I felt so blessed getting to share my experiences with him and to speak on the amazing things higher education and student affairs has brought to my life. I love to know that the work that my office does has influenced this student to consider such a rewarding field. The student who is a musician, a singer, a photographer and a kind and generous soul, is considering higher education above all else...that to me is incredible. We need more creative and giving people like him in our field.
I am so excited to share my great news next week, but right now I am just counting my blessings! I’m still trying to figure out what comes after one trillion…

Student Affairs - the First Years

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