"Your whole generation is going to struggle with real communication."

By Meridith Balas

If I had a dollar for every time someone accused me of being a part of a generation that is too wrapped up in technology to communicate effectively, I would not have to work as many hours when I could be studying.

Yes, the generation I was born into has been exposed to more mediums of communication than our parents were. Likewise, our parents had more exposure to technology than our grandparents did, and we could keep tracing it back for years of who is less fortunate when it comes to technology, but what would that prove?

To be completely honest, we do know how to communicate. We, the millenials, know how to get our message across on five different mediums in less than sixty seconds, we can operate our touch screen smartphones with our eyes closed, and better yet, we're usually helping our parents and elders to operate their own iPads.

However, I will admit that quite frequently people take our technology for granted (my generation, and all others, included). For some people this may be sending a quick 'Hope you have an awesome birthday!' text instead of taking the extra two minutes to call, or better yet, just writing it on someone's Facebook wall.  For others, this may include checking emails, texts, and social media at the dinner table or perhaps out on a date instead of being engaged in human connection during those moments.

I will also say that sometimes, people from our generation (and others too) abuse technology, perhaps by tweeting inappropriate pictures or re-posting conversations that were not meant to be exposed on the internet, but again, those users are not the majority, and they certainly should not represent our generation, or any social group for that matter.

I'm happy to announce that being born in 1990 does not mean that we are incapable of successful, meaningful communication and I am here to prove that some students, like myself, are dedicated to maintaining a healthy balance of social media presence and authentic, human communication.

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