Saving Myself

by Olivia Barker

I am independent, strong willed, confident and fully capable of being my own knight and shining armor. Women tell me they admire me and some men tell me they fear me…

This week I was at the gym and some guy walked over to the person I was working out with and said (this is a direct quote) “if women worked out as hard as they ran their mouths, she would have more weight on here.” Oh H-E-double hockey sticks NO! Did this jerk really just say that? As I started to get up and have a polite conversation with this chauvinistic pig young man, the person I was with stopped me. While I appreciate someone wanting to defuse the situation for me, that guy needed to know he should never say anything like that to a woman EVER AGAIN!

Why is it so hard for people to allow women to be powerful? Why am I seen as “difficult” if I stand up for myself? Why can’t I save myself?

A friend and I went kayaking today and we talked a lot about how people think being single at our age is a disease, being independent is a turn off and being strong willed will keep us single forever. You know what? I will always be strong willed, I will always be independent, I will always be able to take care of myself and it is going to take a special person to love and accept that about me. So to the women who look up to these qualities...YOU GO SISTER and to the men who are intimidated by the qualities...keep on walking!

I pray for the day we see women in the White House and not just as the first lady! Women are powerful and amazing and we should really be given more credit. So to the punk who thought his comments were necessary, let’s chat!

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