Learning to Say No

by Olivia Barker

How many times have you said yes when all you wanted to do was say no? I just learned how to say no and you know what...it has been so liberating! Student affairs professionals are always going and sometimes we just need down time! People outside of our field do not always understand, so you may feel compelled to stretch the truth to get out of plans, but you don't have to. Just say NO! 

Personally, I used to fib when I didn't want to do something. I always had a ton of work, other plans or some other ridiculous excuse, but now, I just say no! You don't have to give a reason, but if you feel better if you do, just tell the truth. If you're too tired to go, say that! If you at worried about money, say that! if you don't feel like showering and you would rather just eat Blue Belle Neapolitan straight out of the pint...say that (well maybe leave out the shower thing). 

Part of being an adult is that you get to make choice about the way you spend your extra time. We work 60+ hours a week and our time outside of work is very valuable, be sure you're spending it how YOU want! 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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