It’s About the Students

By Meridith Balas

 “The most important thing to remember as you move forward in this profession is that it is never about you. It’s about the students.”

-Dr. Richard Mullendore

As each semester comes to an end, student affairs professionals are inevitably thrown into a phase of chaos as we wrap up the academic year, launch summer programming, and prepare for another academic year to begin.  While this time may be busy, it’s essential to take the time to reflect on the months that have passed too quickly and in doing so, think about the type of impact we want to make in the future.

While addressing his last class before leaving the University of Georgia for retirement, Dr. Richard Mullendore offered advice to a group of Masters students. He said that above all, it’s important to remember that even during the busiest, most stressful of days, everything comes down to our students. Even when we are overwhelmed, even when we feel like another late night may break us down, we must remember that we entered this field to enhance the lives of college students and that we have an incredible opportunity to do so each and every day.

As we conclude yet another successful year, I challenge you all to take a minute and reflect upon the impact you have made as a student affairs professional this year 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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