I Recently Found My Pre- #SAGrad Resume

By Luis H. Garay
Luis H. Garay

As graduation is on the not-so-distance horizon, my posts for SAFirstYears will be a little more on the nostalgic side. My hope is that my reflections and my story will guide future student affairs graduate students in the future.

Ever since beginning the job search, I have been searching for my resume I graduate college with. I call it My Pre-Student Affairs Graduate Student Resume, or My Pre- #SAGrad Resume. I was cleaning a file cabinet of binders and was looking through my carefully organized summer internship binder—for nostalgia sake, of course. (I’m telling you, it is really that time of year…). As I was flipping through the contents of the binder I noticed old versions of internship resumes. Behind a version of resume was my pre-graduate school resume. This is the resume I created after four years of student leadership work and theatre work at Dominican University, my undergraduate alma matter.

When I found it, I could do nothing else but say “Wow” with a deep sigh of recalling days of long ago. In fact, it really was not that long ago. Two years ago I was preparing to graduate from college. I was preparing to venture into the summer before the first year of my program. Now, two years later, two years ago seems a lifetime away.

As I look at both resumes I cannot help but feel proud of myself. I am proud of my college resume because it shows my commitment to working with students as well as work in orientation and advising.  These two areas of work I am still deeply passionate about and will work in one day. Orientation will always have a special place in my heart as it served as the gateway into this field. I am proud of my graduate student/new professional resume because it demonstrates my adaptability and continued comment to orientation and advising but also new interests in first-year experience and diversity and inclusion work.  I get the hugest smile on my face looking at the various types of institutions I have worked at and cities/towns I have come to know. From the suburbs of Chicago to rural Missouri to urban Philadelphia and back again, I have never faltered on and abandon my sense of wanderlust and discovering different communities.
I look and walk ahead the rest of my professional journey with thankfulness and blessings. I am thankful for the experiences which I have shaped me and for the education which I have received that has fed my curiosity and created a life-long learner. I am blessed to have so many mentors, colleagues, friendships, and family to support me.

For those graduating and ending their student affairs graduate journey soon, I encourage you to find the previous incarnation of your resume. Compare it to your current resume. What is different? What moments or experiences make you proud, thankful, or feel blessed?

As always, I’d love to your thoughts over at @LuisHGaray. Thanks for reading, SAFirstYears reader! J

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