Being Fearless

By Christine Pitts

Some phrases I hear often as a graduate student are: “Take risks, make mistakes, don’t be afraid, do, be brave, be bold “ etc. In my opinion, the underlying tone in all of those phrases is “be fearless”. Well, being fearless is hard, really hard. Especially when you are a person who is super careful with every move you make. I am conscious and a rule follower. “Risk” was not a word I actually implemented a couple years ago. Now, my risks are happening… in baby steps. One of those steps was taken this weekend when I was inducted into Chi Sigma Alpha, which is a National Student Affairs Honor Society.

Honor Societies scare me. Some of you reading this may have been a member of an honor society in high school and college, and while I had the grades to do both I never actually joined one. Why? Because I was too afraid. I was scared, because I lacked confidence in myself. I felt that joining the honor society would put more pressure on me to keep my grades up and I thought that would overwhelm me. I was scared of letting my friends and family down. I was terrified I was going to let myself down. I’ve always regretted it. I regretted it after I graduated high school and I regretted it after I graduated college.  

Something I have internalized over the past few months is that being fearless doesn’t necessarily mean you are without fear. When you’re fearless you are scared, terrified, or afraid of something, but you still have the courage and confidence in yourself to do it.  That’s the punch line – you still have the courage and confidence to do it.

This weekend I faced one of my fears. This weekend I was fearless. Yet, I’m still learning to be fearless. It is not an easy thing to do when you have spent twenty-five years living on the safe side and were riskless. I owe a lot to graduate school. As well as my awesome support system of family, friends and of course my graduate school peers for taking baby steps with me. It is so easy for people to spit those catch phrases out to us, but it is only when we truly internalize them that we can put them to use. It’s only when we understand ourselves that we can be fearless.

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  1. Being a rule follower as myessayslab study shows is an obstacle to the creativity. Risking and not obeying rule opens your mind more.


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