by Tamera Dunn

In a pledge to myself to a) actually keep a New Year's resolution, and b) have something to do for the first half of 2014 not school or job-searching related, I decided on a reading challenge. Since I'm an avid reader, I didn't think this would prove to be difficult. However, the past month or so has really proven to be a challenge with TPE and Career Central at ACPA, midterms, and gearing up for final projects. 

So far, I have managed to stay strong and complete a new book (with at least 100 pages) each week. Some weeks I was quite adventurous and re-read old classics like Anna Karenina, while other weeks I have picked up books that were free on the Kindle app on my phone (and were free for a reason...). 

While initially something I did not believe would prove challenging, this challenge has really led me to think about how I use my time and when I'm being 'lazy'. Sometimes, I realize I have spent entirely too long scrolling through social media and set my phone aside to pick up a book or switch over to airplane mode & the Kindle app. 

It seems to be a huge commitment if you're not an avid reader, but each of us has a unique way to disconnect and unwind. I happen to have rediscovered mine through reading for non-academic purposes. :) 

How do you disconnect & unwind from the stresses of everyday life? 

Tweet @Tam2theEra & use the hashtag #sareads if you've got any good book suggestions. :)

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