The Interim Experience

by Katie LaSota

As a newer professional, I never thought that I would find myself in an interim position. When I made the decision to move from the College of Saint Benedict (CSB) to St. Cloud State University (SCSU) this last November, that’s exactly where I found myself. Making the decision to leave mid semester to become an interim employee was tough and intimidating. It is no secret that leaving before the end of the academic school year is taboo. At least, that was the message that I got from my grad program. This situation had me going against some of the most fundamental advice that my professor gave to our whole cohort. Leaving CSB was a tough decision for many reasons. Overall, I was having a great year and was making great relationships with my Resident Assistants (RAs) and my residents. All in all, I enjoyed working at CSB.

Deciding to apply at SCSU was an easy decision. The worst that they could say was that they hired someone else and I would still be happy and employed in my position at CSB. It became real and tough when they offered me the position. Becoming an interim at SCSU meant that I would have to find my own health insurance and that I had a contractual end date. While these concerns are real and impact my life, it was not as impactful as the experience that I was and am getting at SCSU.

Throughout the whole process, I was/am most excited about getting the opportunity to supervise a graduate assistant (GA). In my eyes, this was my next step. When I was offered the position I was astonished that as a young professional, I would already get the opportunity to supervise a GA. I remember all of the ups and downs of my GA experience and have allowed for those experiences to guide me in my interactions with my GA.

Sometimes great opportunities fall into our laps at less than ideal times. This does not mean that we should rule them out as an option. This was my way of leaning in and being aggressive with the experiences that I wanted to gain to seek future advancement in housing/higher education. The lesson here is to take risks and decide for you. While others can offer you their opinions, you’re the one who could miss out on a great opportunity.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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