Spring Break: Lessons Learned

by Katie LaSota

This spring break was filled with friends and family. Although I didn’t travel anywhere, I was able to get off campus for a long weekend and take part in vacation type activities. Over the last four days, I went to the Mall of America, a Wild hockey game, and got to watch my boyfriend play in a hockey tournament. 

Through all of those activities I was looking forward to going to Mall of America the most. This was my favorite part because I got to go to the theme park with my goddaughter and her brother. Both were just the right height to ride some of the more scary roller coasters. Here are a few lesions I learned while going on rides with them…

Number 1. Kids make decisions that are not always the best. While both were tall enough for the rides, this did not mean that they were prepared for the intensity of the ride. 

Number 2. It’s really hard to comfort a child when you are on a roller coaster. Not only was I scared a times, but I was completely constricted by the safety gear and buckles.

Number 3. Even though you know it’s going to be too scary for them, you have to let them learn. I know that’s what it is probably like to be a parent, but it was hard to let them go on rides that I knew would scare them.

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