Seeking Serendipity

By Tamera Dunn

297 unread emails. Midterms. Organizational involvement. Portfolio. Mock interviews. Assessment plan. An assistantship. TPE. Family. Being a mentor. Remembering to do the work for the online-only class you thought was a good idea in your last semester.

It’s really easy for anyone who has graduation on the horizon to start panicking at the thought of everything that is on the horizon. All of the above describe a snapshot of what life looks like right now (although certainly not in that order) as I sit down with a PB&J and open my planner to get the week started. No matter how crazy each week gets, one word is painstakingly written at the top of each week: serendipity.

I don't want to admit how many of those unread emails are Kindle ebook purchase confirmations from Amazon. (Okay, okay…only 75% of them…)

I don't particularly want to think about how much schoolwork needs to happen before TPE. March 12 is a magical date for everything to be due, it seems.

I’d really prefer not to think about the fact that I have to be an adult and pay bills. Booooo.

However, each of these things (no matter how small they may seem compared to your life) help shape the likelihood of meeting new people, exploring new things, and challenging how I see the world.

I write down “finish job application” to be surprised by who responds at the other end of the email, since it is someone I met once upon a time on my student affairs journey.

I write down “be old & pay bills” only to discover the nicest customer service representative when I wanted to tear my hair out because of a technicality of (temporary) inconvenience.

I write down “mock interview” to discover areas of growth and how to best promote myself in a field full of so many incredible future colleagues.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hustle & bustle of everyday and think about how those moments can really drag you down and bring out your Negative Nancy or Pessimist Paul. Those snarky moments will happen - none of us are perfect, and sometimes you really just need a laugh to get it together.

Serendipity. Happy surprises.
There is the potential for happiness in everything we do.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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