Life without Cell Phones

by Katie LaSota

There are many times throughout my day and especially when I am on call, that I wonder what life would have been like to be a Hall Director without a cell phone. I remember getting my first cell phone in high school around the time I turned sixteen years old. Getting a cell phone was life changing and continues to be as phone distributers create more ways for us to use a cell phone. I remember when getting a navigation system was expensive and exciting, now cell phones have taken over that business.

Now that I am a little older and working as a Hall Director, I have been wondering how much cell phones have impacted the profession. My cell phone has allowed for me to be extremely accessible to my student staff. This accessibility is probably both good and bad. I am sure that it has allowed for Hall Directors to have more life balance by being able to be off campus. While on the other hang it has made it harder to get away from work, especially with the addition of email accounts to cell phones.

What type of impacts has having a phone had on your work and life?

Student Affairs - the First Years

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