And We Bowled (Or We Tried), and We Laughed, and Had a Really, Really, Really Good Time

by Tolu Taiwo

There is a time-old tradition between the CSU SAHE cohorts, more honored than writing reflections, or practicing helping skills while videotaping ourselves advising students, or grumbling about Introduction to Research Methods. No, this tradition goes back several thousands of years (probably), and is intended to determine who is the strongest and best. Many SAHE members go in, but only one group can win.

Yes. Yes, I am talking about our Annual Bowling Competition. It is serious. It is fast-paced. And it is wonderful.

Team First Years were put at a bit of a disadvantage, being that we only had six players (take out or it should read six players in all.) All six of us identify as females, so it was very Girl Power, complete with the best nicknames ever (G6, Smashleigh, She Hulk, BA Bea, Maple Vortex, and Panda Handz), and a world of style. Highlights include bowling the “Grandma” technique, dropping the ball into the other lane, and losing very much to the second years. It was kind of a hot mess. Smashleigh, Maple Vortex, and I had to go ice skating afterwards to shake the scent of second place off, but even though our bowling average was inferior to the winners, we still had a great time.

Also, we vow to spy on next years’ first years and judge their bowling techniques before the Competition, because there is no way we can taste defeat again.

Weekends like this don’t always happen all the time. In fact, my good friend Maple Vortex put it nicely when she, laced up on the ice and attempting to skate on one leg, yelled, “I WAS PROMISED FUN TIMES LIKE THIS EVERY WEEKEND.” True, we work hard a lot during the year, and don’t get to see each other too much outside of a classroom or study lens. But although we are constantly busy, we all try to remember that besides being classmates and colleagues, we can be friends and do silly things. And events like the Bowling Competition definitely remind us that we’re here to learn, but also here to have a good time.

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