The Value of Lifetime Membership

By Lindsay Ritenbaugh

Last week I attended a Kappa Delta Lakeside alumnae event in Chicago. Through the list of invitees on this month’s invitation, I reconnected with a Kappa Delta whose chapter I visited as a chapter development consultant in the fall of 2006. While we don’t look much different than we did almost 8 years ago, it was refreshing to catch up and learn what she’s been up to since we saw each other last.

Mary Beth and I both recently moved to Chicago and have been experiencing our first Chicago winter. In a place that often feels so big, it was nice to learn that we both work and live just minutes apart from one another. I’m so glad we were both proactive in getting involved with this alumnae chapter. I look forward to grabbing lunch soon and continuing to stay in touch with her in the months to come!

I honestly didn’t think I would ever see any of the chapter members I had visited while on the road, much less reconnect with them in a big city years later. Mary Beth thought I might not even remember her but I’m so glad she reached out to me. How could I forget the Zeta Beta chapter of Kappa Delta at Union University in Tennessee? They were the most musically talented group I got the chance to meet and, to this day, do the most beautiful rendition of “Sha La La” I’ve ever heard.

It’s so easy for us to leave our involvement behind when we graduate but I find such value in lifetime membership. Spending time with Kappa Deltas and University of Florida alumni from across the country has helped make my transition to Chicago an easier one. If nothing else, it’s an open invitation to grab dinner, drinks, or watch a football/basketball game together on a monthly basis.

Click here to find a Kappa Delta alumnae chapter directory near you.

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