The Haves and Have Nots

By Olivia Barker

The Winter Olympics are not my thing, I love gymnastics, swimming and diving, but with all the media coverage and my favorite show, The Today Show, being in Sochi, I can’t help but keep up. 

I will be honest, some of the #Sochifails have made me laugh. I can’t even imagine going to stay at a hotel and it doesn’t have a roof or seeing someone spray paint grass green or reading some of the English translations on the menus, but I shouldn’t be laughing. I keep thinking about the fact that Russia has pulled out all of the stops to host the Olympics and the results are not only poor quality, but are actually unhealthy living conditionsI want you to take a minute to think about how this reflects America and how we're ridiculing Russia for not being prepared, not having a luxurious athletic village and not having clean water,but this is every day for them.  

This week, I spent 27 hours without power due to an ice storm. I didn’t have my hair dryer, I couldn’cook my dinner and all I wanted was a hot shower. Then, I took a second and remembered that these are all luxuries. People all over the world go without these luxuries and even more. They go without what we consider basic necessities, clean water, enough food, awarm bed, and a quality education. Should we be making fun of Sochi or should we be embarrassed that we have such high expectations while our brothers and sisters around the worldlive without every single day?

How are we as professionals helping the students we work with understand their role in making the world a better place instead of just being an elitist? One of my very best friends, Garth Brooks said when I close my eyes I see the way this world shall be when we all walk hand in hand….we shall be free.”

Take some time to give back to those less fortunate this week, I promise that I will!

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