Last Post - Words of Encouragement

by Stefanie Lucas-Waverly

This is my last blog post for SA First Years, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to reflect and write every week for more than a year on this blog. My life changed a great deal since my first post as I moved from Colorado to Minnesota and started a new position. Looking back on the last (almost) two years since graduating, I realize how much I continue to learn and grow. In my last post, I want to share five things I have found important since graduation.

  1. Continue to ask questions- Simple enough. Do not be afraid to ask questions and admit you are still learning. This was especially important in my new position, and I am grateful to those who have answered all my questions along the way.
  2. Continue learning- It is easy to put away the books after graduate school and stop reading, though I found it extremely important to keep learning. Over the past two years blogs, articles, and Tweets became my sources of information and a way for me to stay connected to current trends in the field
  3. Stay in touch with members of your cohort- As you transition out of graduate school and into your first position, these are the folks who you can turn to and talk about your experience. I have been able to text or call many members of my cohort across the United States and around the World to collaborate on projects or talk about transition. 
  4. Take chances- I took a chance, followed what I thought my purpose might be, and started a career in higher education. Continuing to take chances led me to write for this blog, have my first professional speaking engagement, and brought me to my current position. 
  5. Find ways to reflect- In graduate school, I was reflecting all the time. My final project was a portfolio of completed competencies and reflections. I am so grateful for learning the importance of reflection. This blog served as a great avenue for reflection, and my newfound love of running will be my continued place for reflection.

Thanks to those readers out there who followed my journey over the past year!

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