Embracing Flexibility

By Tamera Dunn

In a recent interview, I took the opportunity to see what some seasoned student affairs professionals had to say when asked what one should do with their last few months of graduate school. I asked this question to see what their views are of working full time and their visible passion for their own full time jobs. I ended up getting a lot of food for thought to help keep my mind busy versus replaying every answer I gave and how it could have been improved.
While some of the advice isn't in my best interest to follow (I'll pass on getting arrested, which I'm pretty sure was a joke...After all, background checks) some of it was fantastic and gave me something else to think about aside from the countdowns, the future, the job search, and LIFE.
Live in the moment. 

It's super easy to get caught in the game of numbers. People comparing how many interviews they've lined up at various placement exchanges. People counting down until graduation. People looking ahead to spring break. Reality is right here and full of its own opportunities which become the memories you cherish about grad school, not the comparison of numbers.
Reach out to people you met early in your grad school journey and reestablish connections.
Sadly, graduate school can be a rotating door of individuals. People seek employment elsewhere. Perhaps you changed up your assistantship between years like I did. Regardless, now is the time to seek out the connections you want to keep and have a conversation.
Enjoy not working full time. 

If you get some time over the summer, seize it. Visit friends. Accomplish something you've always wanted to do. Cherish your family. Turns out life changes once you don't have the scheduling flexibility graduate school can offer.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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