Crash Course in Student Development Theory

By Stefanie Lucas-Waverly

Thursday I took the bus from St. Paul, MN to Madison, WI for my first trip to the University of Wisconsin. Over the summer, I was asked to give a presentation about student development theory to masters and doctoral students and it was wonderful for the big day to finally arrive!

I love theory, but even more, love putting theory into practice and talking. The theory book can be so overwhelming, and I learned so much from applying what was in the book to real life situations and events. The presentation is called a “Crash Course in Student Development Theory,” and it was hard to choose what to talk about in my hour and a half timeframe. My presentation consisted of explaining theories, practicing the theory, and examples of how I put the theory into practice.

It was an amazing opportunity and I realized how much I enjoy teaching theory.

I spent the rest of my weekend exploring Madison, hanging out with a good friend, and doing outdoor winter activities like cross country skiing.

For those of you recently out of graduate programs, do you use theory when you create programs and work with students?

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