What is the purpose of college?

By Christina Ferrari

This is a question being asked of my Organization & Governance this semester, and goodness it’s a tough one. This week I decided to take my blog post in a different directions, usually I write about my thoughts/feelings/reactions/opinions but this week I invite you to take a listen to this TED talk by Liz Coleman calling us to reinvent liberal arts education and consider the following questions:


  • Who is higher education for?
  • What value does liberal arts play in higher learning?
  • What role does higher education play in society?
  • What can student affairs professionals do to shape the future of the field?
  • What are the greatest strengths and greatest challenges for higher education today?
  • How can student affairs professionals ensure that students get relevant, necessary life skills during their time in college?
Ask your colleagues, peers, professors, family and friends to reflect on these questions. Ask yourself, what role does higher ed play in the world and why are you interested in working in this field? What do you believe is the future of higher education in the United States and in the world? Share your thoughts in the comment section below, or tweet at me: @cm_ferrari3 and @safirstyears. Post your thoughts on our Facebook page.

If we are the future of the field, it starts with us. It starts with your vision for what our future can look like.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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