This is Believe: #dpuSRL

By Lindsay Ritenbaugh

This weekend I served as a staff facilitator for the Student Leadership Institute’s Winter Leadership Conference (#WLC2014). The curriculum covered DePaul’s Socially Responsible Leadership framework and helped students identify their values, identities, and passions. Before each large group session two peer facilitators would share their “This I Believe” statements based on a dimension of Socially Responsible Leadership (SRL). I was empowered by listening to how SRL had impacted their education, involvement, community interests, and career aspirations. While facilitating small group discussion, I realized how much the curriculum was impacting my weekend as well.

My core values: cooperation, love, and respect for all people
My passions: Helping others realize their worth and potential

My leadership practice: Encourage the Heart

Call me a leadership conference junkie, but I crave experiences like WLC. They have been a consistent part of my life since middle school. As I helped the student participants discover their core values, we built a circle of understanding and were able to share deeply personal stories about our identities and life experiences. I enjoyed getting to know emerging leaders at DePaul and was able to provide them with a personal connection to the Office of Student Involvement.

Overall, I was reminded why I love working at DePaul University. These students get it. They seek out ways to overcome injustice in its many forms, unite together under common goals, and find meaningful ways to get involved in the campus community. They believe in #dpuSRL. 

Student Affairs - the First Years

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