This I Believe: a First Years Reflection

By Joshua Wilson

I'm a third year professional and this spring 2014 you can find me playing the saxophone, playing pick up games of basketball and ultimate frisbee, participating in #safit movement, taking tennis lessons, managing this blog, taking on new projects at work, joining committees, indulging in student affairs research, and fighting each day to leave work after an appropriate amount of time served. This I believe in work/ life balance.

There have been times in my career where I didn't have the best presentation or the best sales pitch. There have been many a times where I have had to admit I was wrong or take the heat for a failure. Most important I have had to be honest with myself and others in my short professional career which has only positively influenced my career trajectory through learning from experiences. This I believe in honesty.

I didn't study go into the student affairs field for the praise, the money, or to relive my college experience. I saw early on just how much I grew through student involvement, student affairs advisers and mentors who were pulling for my success. I wanted to provide the same opportunity to students and this I believe in the student affairs.

My number one strength in strengthsquest is Ideation. It was this quality in me that would spur the idea for this blog. When I look where I am personally, spiritually, and professionally I think to myself it can only get better from here. This at least is my motivation for happiness. This I believe in growth.

Student Affairs - the First Years

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