On The Look Out…

by Jenni Kraft

So I’m not sure if this happens for everyone, but recently I have seen a number of job opportunities posted (mostly via facebook) that have looked very intriguing. I truly enjoy my roll on campus, but now that I know what I am doing this year, I have started thinking about what is next. I have seen several jobs that I could take on and rock. However, the think I keep circling back to is that I am craving the excitement of being in a classroom with all the research, writing, reading, challenges, and support! I’ve known that I want to do my doctorate and now I’m thinking that’s going to come a bit sooner than I thought.

I’ve got an idea of what I want my dissertation to be on so for sure I want my program to be in student affairs/development/leadership. As a professional in student affairs, getting a doctoral program paid for is almost unquestionable! Of course that would be wonderful… but I have also been thinking about the possibility of doing my program full time. So with that in mind, I’ve looked at campuses that have assistantships and even apprenticeships. Other things I’ve thought of are PhD vs. EdD, length of program, classes taught, reference contacts, entrance exams, living expenses. I have even got a few doctoral programs in mind (specifically in Texas) but right now, I’m working to learn all the questions I should be asking. Check out this post from NASPA. I found it pretty insightful. Let me know if you hae any good questions or insight!

~Jenni with an “I”


Student Affairs - the First Years

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