Enjoy: My #oneword365

By Lindsay Ritenbaugh

It’s that time again, y’all: time to share my #oneword365 for the year. After much contemplation, I went with a verb that I intend to complete to the best of my ability each day of 2014: ENJOY.

I realize there will be moments, events, or activities I find less than enjoyable, but my goal is to turn those less desirable moments, events, or activities into times of joy and gratitude. Seems like a tall order, but I’m up for the challenge. Here’s where you come in: If you hear/read/see me doing the opposite of my #oneword365, call me out on it. This includes complaining about the weather, my weight/body image, work, finances, comparing myself to others, becoming frustrated by things out of my control, and other negative energy around me that can steal my joy. Instead, I’m going to ENJOY the fact that I am an able bodied woman living (and working full-time) in a big city with seasons and endless possibilities for entertainment (even while on a budget). This year, I’ll commit to finding joy and enjoying everything that I do. Does that mean I’ll always want to work out? Sure doesn’t. Does it mean I’ll always have wonderful days where nothing goes wrong? Absolutely not. It just means I’ll make the most of the things I am able to ENJOY, and work a little harder to find joy in everything else.

Like many others, I recently shared a video on Instagram with my top 5 moments of 2013:

That one time I deleted Facebook from my phone.
That one time I started my job at DePaul University.
That one time I ran a 10K.
That one time I moved to Chicago.
That one time I discovered Orange is the New Black (and a kick ass OITNB meme to follow Miley’s VMA performance).
 can reflect upon these moments and find enjoyable times in each of them. The Facebook detox was good for my overall well-being. The move to Chicago was much needed and a way for me to let go of hard times and reminders of my past (pre-grad school). Sure, running is good for me and I am going to make a more diligent effort to take care of myself in 2014. The key is to ENJOY doing it instead of dreading the act itself. The same can be said for those [occasional] Netflix marathons. Like running rejuvenates my body, mindless TV marathons can rejuvenate my mind and help me to ENJOY the heated apartment I am lucky enough to have.
And much like my #oneword365 from 2013 (RELAX), I am going to use this year’s word to ENJOY the present, while being more present with those around me. One-year-ago-Lindsay added a photo of her #oneword365 to the background of her iPhone and said, “This is a silent yet important reminder of what/who I am tuning out by tuning into my phone.” Here’s to year two of trying this out! While I still intend to ENJOY my phone and the communication/social media opportunities it provides while I’m miles away from friends and family, I’ll similarly ENJOY what’s right in front of me. Besides, Savannah Guthrie from The TODAY Show recently reminded me that a mental picture can be just as beneficial as taking a real one.

What’s your #oneword365 for 2014?

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